#impact podcast: breaking the silence with taura edgar

#impact podcast: breaking the silence with taura edgar

#impact podcast: breaking the silence with taura edgar 1024 576 TALK Hong Kong

Trigger Warning: The following episode discusses child sexual abuse in a general way. Listener discretion is advised. If you need support please find meetings and resources at https://www.talkhongkong.org/resources/. Find additional resources and links to get support in this episodes show notes.

Taura is a survivor of incest. While coming to terms with her own past she saw that Hong Kong needed the same support she needed. And that she was ready to do the work. Starting with a support group for survivors, her charity TALK Hong Kong now also helps everyone in making evidence-informed responses that best protect as many children as possible from sexual abuse.

We as humans have a hard time facing this issue

Bringing attention to sensitive topics like child sexual abuse (CSA) requires courage and resilience. Taura Edgar, the founder of charity Talk Hong Kong and a survivor of sexual abuse herself, has embarked on a mission to break the silence surrounding this pervasive issue in Hong Kong. In this podcast episode, Taura shares her story, sheds light on the work of TALK Hong Kong, and emphasizes the crucial role of prevention and research in addressing child sexual abuse.

The Power of Sharing –  Taura’s Story:

Taura’s journey from survivor to advocate is both inspiring and heart-wrenching. In the podcast, she opens up about her arduous path towards healing. Her resilience becomes a testament to the strength that survivors possess and the importance of empowering their voices.

We need to TALK…

Founded by Taura Edgar, TALK Hong Kong organization operates on a peer-led model, recognizing the unique challenges survivors face and the value of support from those who have walked a similar path. Through community engagement, TALK Hong Kong aims to provide a safe space for survivors while raising public awareness about the scale of child sexual abuse in the region.

The Unspoken Epidemic: Tackling CSA through Awareness and Research:

Child sexual abuse is a pervasive issue that often remains hidden due to shame, fear, and societal taboos. Taura sheds light on the alarming scale of this epidemic in Hong Kong and globally, emphasizing the urgent need for awareness and research. TALK Hong Kong strives to dismantle the stigma surrounding CSA, creating an environment where survivors can come forward without judgment and receive the support they deserve.

The Difficulty of Addressing Tough Topics:

The podcast delves into the challenges of addressing child sexual abuse, particularly in a culture that tends to shy away from discussing such sensitive matters. Taura shares her insights into the difficulties survivors face when seeking help and emphasizes the importance of breaking down societal barriers to encourage open conversations about child sexual abuse and – most importantly – prevent that child sexual abuse happens in the first place.

Prevention: This is what you can do today.

Listen in as Taura Edgar outlines practical steps that individuals can take to contribute to the prevention of child sexual abuse. By fostering a culture of vigilance, education, and empathy, we can collectively work towards eradicating this pervasive issue.

What you will learn in this episode serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of breaking the silence surrounding child sexual abuse. TALK Hong Kong’s work is not only a lifeline for survivors but also a catalyst for societal change. By shedding light on the difficulties of addressing tough topics and emphasizing prevention, this episode will encourage you to join the conversation and take action in the fight against child sexual abuse.

The more we talk, the more we break the silence, and the closer we come to creating a safer, more compassionate society for all.

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